How to make a Christmas Pom-Pom wreath

Christmas really is just around the corner and I love nothing more than making handmade Christmas decorations.

This Pom-Pom wreath is so lovely, but its so easy to make and is a great project to get the kids involved!

What do you need?

  • A wreath base, I used a wire version but you can also get polystyrene
  • Wool, you can use whatever type you like, I have used chunky wool as its quicker
  • Lace, ribbon or scrap fabric to cover the wreath base
  • A pom-pom maker, I use the Clover version but any will do (or you could even make one out of cardboard)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Let's make pom-pom's!

To start with I will show you how to use the Clover pom-pom maker, they come in lots of different sizes, for this wreath I have used the large size, but you can use whatever size you like, or even use different size pom-poms for a different effect. Most of the pom-pom makers work in a similar way.

Open out the first pair of plastic legs on the pom-pom maker.

Unwind a length of wool from the ball, and take the tail end (the cut end) and place it in front of the first pair of plastic legs (at the end furthest away from the center of the pom-pom maker) and start to wind the wool over the legs, make sure that the wool does not go over the little flat ends on the legs as these need to close together when you have finished.

Ensure that you wind it quite tightly, and the more wool that you have on the legs, the fluffier the pom-pom will be, ensure that the legs are fully filled with wool and avoid any gaps (but remember to not cover the little flat ends.

Once one pair of legs are covered you can move onto the next pair, just close the first pair of legs shut, and then pull the wool over so that it sits ready to wind on the second pair of legs (you don't need to cut the wool), you can see that there is a little slit on the pom-pom maker, the wool can slip through this to make it easier to move to the other pair of legs.

Repeat the winding process on this side and once finished close the legs and slide the loose end of the wool through the slit (sorry I took a picture of the wrong side, the wool is through the slit on the side facing down) and cut the loose end of the wool.

Next step is to snip the pom-pom, place the scissors in the little groove on the centre of the legs and snip all the way along, and repeat on the second pair of legs.

Next take a length of wool and tie it tightly in a knot (really tightly) through the centre of the pom-pom maker, you will feel the pom-pom start to expand as you do this), this step ensures that the little strips of wool do not all fall off when take the maker apart.

Now open out each set of legs and pull the maker apart so that the two halves split in two.

Now you have a pom-pom! Although at this stage it will look a little scruffy!

Next step is to give your pom-pom a hair cut!, trim all the pieces of wool so that they are even in length, don't be afraid to trim all over as the more that you trim, the puffier the pom-pom is!

There it is, a fine looking pom-pom, now you just need to make loads more!!

Let's cover the wreath base

You can use strips of scrap fabric, lace, ribbon or what ever you like really to cover the wreath base, you won't really see it from the front if you are totally covering with pom-poms, so if using a polysterene base you could even skip this stage.

Simply take you ribbon (or whatever you are using) and wrap it around the base so that it totally covers it, and at the end place a dab of glue to secure it in place.

If you want loop to hang it with, just leave a length before cutting and glue or tie this so that it makes a loop.

Let's cover it with pom-pom's

Finally, you just need to glue your pom-pom's in place in whatever order you like, I use a hot glue gun, but you could use whatever type of glue you like as long as it works on wool/ribbon/fabric. Put a blob of glue in the centre and the 2 outside edges for each pom-pom to ensure that it is secure, and press down on the pom-pom for a short while until it is glued in place.

Now sit back and admire!

That's all there is to it!

How simple was that! (once you have got the hang of using the pom-pom maker).

Make as many as you like, or you could even make mini ones to use as Christmas tree decorations! Or try out different shapes such as heart shaped wreath's or decorations.

You can also add any extra's that you like to your wreath if you don't want just pom-poms e.g. add bows, little Christmas decorations, whatever takes your fancy!