A new sewing challenge #alittlelawnparty

I'm so excited to share with you a sewing challenge that I am co-hosting with the lovely Atia from @thebrightblooms, let me tell you all about #alittlelawnparty.


The challenge is to run from the 15th March 2018 - 15th May 2018 and the idea of the challenge is to celebrate the upcoming spring months through your handmade wardrobe.

Atia and I both have a love for cotton lawn, and often make our garments from it, this is where the idea came from for #alittlelawnparty. Initially we were going to run the challenge specifically with cotton lawn in mind, however we established that in some areas of the world, cotton lawn is very difficult to get hold of, or is super expensive so we decided to open it up to any fabrics that scream spring.

So, the challenge is to simply make a garment that is celebrating spring, this could be through the style of garment, the fabric, the colours, the print/pattern and then share it using the #alittlelawnparty.

In my mind I am imagining floaty dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers and lots of floral fabrics. I am seeing pic-nics and of course lawn parties to show off your beautiful garments, how amazing would it be for sewers to get together at a lawn party to share your lovely makes (now thats an idea).

We also have a selection of lovely sponsors who have Kindly donated prizes to make the challenge even more fun, we will be selecting winners at random during the last 4 weeks of the challenge.

The sponsors/prizes are as follows...

The challenge is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, but there may be some restrictions on some of the prizes being shipped overseas, or postage costs may apply.

There are no heavy rules to the challenge as we wanted to keep it easy to take part in, but we would really appreciate the following

  • Share the graphics for the challenge on your social media to spread the word (the more the merrier)! There is a square image above that will work well in IG feed, but also an IG stories sized image below
  • Make your "spring themed" garment
  • Photograph your make and share it on IG and any other social media using #alittlelawnparty (feel free to share your work in progress images too)
  • Tag myself and Atia in your IG post
  • We would also like to encourage you to follow and/or connect with myself, Atia, fellow participants and the sponsors, after all this is a "social thing"
  • Encourage others to take part through sharing your post

IG image stories size

We also have a lovely selection of sewers who are supporting the challenge, be sure to check them out and keep an eye out for their makes for more inspiration.

Atia has also shared some lovely ideas on her blog post so be sure to check it out.

My #alittlelawnparty make

I am so pleased to share with you my first outfit of the year to celebrate spring and I hope that it gives you a little inspiration.

Ninni culottes

Now I remember culottes from the 1990's, I used to live in them, they are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down so easily. I found the Named Clothing Ninni culottes sewing pattern and fell in love.

I had some super vibrant Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric in my stash that really does scream spring, it is full of what looks like painted flowers in all sorts of lovely colours, but the pattern called out for stretch fabric such as jersey.

Ninni culottes

I pondered for a while and looked for another culottes sewing pattern, but I struggled to find another that had an elasticated waist, and for me this element was important as this is the comfort.

So, I decided to just go for it, the culottes are loose fit and its an elasticated waist, and cotton lawn drapes so well so I was confident that it would work out.

The pattern came together really easily, it is made up of trouser front and back, pocket and waist band, that is all!

The only tricky area was the pockets, the inseam pockets were not installed in the way that I normally sew them, normally I attach the pocket to each trouser leg, and then sew the front and back together, sewing around the pocket bag, but this pattern instructed you to sew the trouser side seams together first, leaving the pocket gap un-stitched, and then attach the pocket bag to the seam allowance.

I found this method quite complicated, and difficult to sew as the fabric got caught up in itself and I had to unpick it a couple of times, so next time I may try my normal method as see if it works out ok.

I teamed the culottes with an Ogden cami that I made from left over linen from Merchant and Mills (the link takes you to the fabric that I used but sadly they don't have any of the colour left that I used). The Ogden is so quick and easy to make and the fit is so perfect, I love it!

Named Ninni culottes and Ogden Cami

I can't tell you how comfortable this outfit is, its certainly secret pyjama territory! and how spring like is that Liberty fabric!

I decided to return to my local Abakhan to see if they had any of the Liberty of London fabric left so that I can make a matching Ogden cami to give a faux jumpsuit effect (no stripping off when I go to the loo like a standard jump suit), and I was super pleased when they did have some left (I couldn't believe that they did as it was so long since I purchased it, but this fabric doesn't look the most appealing on the roll, luckily for me), and they had reduced it to £5 per meter! They do not have it online but they did still have some left in the Hanley (Stoke on Trent) store on 25th February.

Ninni culottes and Ogden cami

If you want to see the outfit in action, watch the video(s) below, I actually filmed the first on the 24th Feb when it was 3 degrees outside, so I was freezing cold prancing around in my garden (you can see me slowly turn blue), but I can feel spring in the air!!!

The second clip that I added in with the matching cami was filmed on 28th Feb when it was snowing and -5 degrees! Definitely not very spring like.

I can't wait to see your entries for #alittlelawnparty, its so exciting. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact myself or Atia.

Oh, I would also like to thank Fiona from Figero Designs who created the super cute cotton reels and needle and thread images (and a whole load more of sewing bits and bobs) that we have used to make our logo super sweet, we love them!

Thanks for Reading