How to make a Liberty of London clothes hanger

I just can't bring myself to throw away any scraps of Liberty of London fabric, its just too beautiful (and expensive), so I needed something to use up all those leftovers so that they are not taking over my sewing room!

I decided to make Liberty of London coat hangers so that they can be used to display items of clothing or hang my lace and trimmings from in my sewing room.

Liberty of London tana lawn is great fabric for this project as it doesn't fray too much and is easy to cut into thin strips.

This quick tutorial shows you how to make one, its soooo easy to do!

Liberty of London clothes hanger

What do you need?

  • Liberty of London tana lawn scraps
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • A wooden hanger
  • Glue (I use a hot glue gun)

Liberty of London clothes hanger supplies

First of all, cut your scraps into thin strips, they don't have to be perfect or exactly the same width and length, just use up as many of the scraps that you can, you will be surprised how much you have left over. I cut mine to be about 1cm wide.

Sort your strips out ensuring that the right side of the fabric is facing in the same direction (this helps to ensure that you don't accidentally attach it with the wrong side of the fabric facing up!Sort out the Liberty strips

Next, start to cover the hanger by placing a blob of glue on the hanger at the point you want to start wrapping from, place one end of the strip on top of the glue, wrap the fabric around pulling it taught and ensuring that it isn't twisted, blob little bits of glue as you go to help secure it, watch the video below to see me in action!


Keep going, wrapping the strips around, overlapping them and blobbing bits of glue as you go.

Keep wrapping the strips around

Once the hanger is fully covered, check it over and add more glue if necessary. If you have any areas that have not covered or are a little loose, just overlap another strip on top of it.

Liberty of London clothes hanger

Tah Dah!! Thats it, all done!

Watch this space for a blog post that I will be adding soon to show you how to sew picot elastic like on the Liberty knickers below (you just have to love Liberty knickers).


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