How to Sew Bunting

I remember my first sewing project well, it was bunting! I made loads and loads of it until I had the confidence to sew straight seams and understand how to use my sewing machine.

How to Sew Bunting

In this post I show you step by step how to sew bunting.

You will have a house full of lovely decoration in no time.

I have the tutorial available in 2 formats, you can watch it as a continuous class on my YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe to be kept up to date), or if you prefer to work from a learning platform with small individual lessons and you are a member of, or want to become a member of a learning platform, I also have it available in my Skillshare channel.

If YouTube is your preferred method you can watch it below.

If you would rather work from a learning platform, click on the picture below or click here to be taken to the Skillshare Class.

How to Sew Bunting

Have fun!