My True Bias Hudson Pants

Now that I have made my first pair, I totally "get" why there is so much love out there for the True Bias Hudson Pants.

They were an absolute dream to sew and they truly are the most comfortable lounge pants ever!

As this was my first pair, I decided to use up fabric from my stash, and although its not the fabric combo that I would choose if I were buying new fabric for the project, I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Planning the Hudson pants

Hudson Pants

I purchased the fabric from the remnant basket at Abakhan in the summer, I wasn't too sure of the composition, but I have since found out that it is Art Gallery 95% cotton jersey, as I spotted it when I was looking for new fabric at Minerva Crafts.

The quality is amazing and it washes so well, I think that it is the perfect weight for the Hudson Pants as its super soft but keeps its shape well. Minerva have a huge range of Art Gallery jersey so I've already started to pick out the designs for my next pair (or twelve).

Hudson pants

They really were great to sew, I mainly sewed them using the Overlocker, which made it really quick too, the only exception to this was sewing the leg cuffs as I needed a little more control with it being a small area.

The Art Gallery jersey is a great fabric to use for your first "knit" project as it sews so well and does not stretch out whilst you are sewing.

Hudson Pants

For the waistband and cuffs, I just used scraps of jersey from my stash (I would have chosen a different colour if I had some in stock, but I didn't), I'm not sure of the composition but it feels like a cotton jersey.

The pattern instructs to sew button holes for the drawstring, but I decided to add eyelets instead, they are so easy to install and pretty cheap to buy, and I think that they look really professional.

Stitching through the elastic waist really helps to stop it from twisting, I hate it when I have inserted an elastic waist for it to keep twisting about, to be honest this has put me off elasticated waists for some time, so this is perfect.

Hudson Pants

I made my Hudson's just over a week ago, and I must admit that have worn them everyday to lounge about in the house, I even had to make sure that I put them in the wash in the morning so that they were ready to wear again in the evening, I need to make a few more pairs for sure!

I love the pocket detail and I love the fit, they are a tight fitting lounge pant which is perfect for me, I would definitely wear them out and about in a plain fabric (even though I'm not a trackies type of person), they are perfect for when you need to call to the shop, or you get "that phone call" from your teenage Daughter(s) telling you that they need picking up from somewhere.

I have nothing "bad" to say about this pattern at all, its perfect!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back with more sewing news very soon :)

Hudson Pants