My Orla Kiely duvet cover Gypsum skirt

I love, love, love the bold prints of Orla Kiely, and I'm totally into orange and brown right now so this duvet cover skirt is just perfect.

Gypsum skirt

I purchased the duvet cover last year from TK Maxx at the bargain price of £45(ish) for a king size, this gave me loads and loads of fabric to use, it reminds me of curtains that I had at my Mum's house back in the 1970's (picture orange and brown wallpaper, curtains and carpet and a brown velvet couch)

You may recall that last year I made a dress from one side of the duvet, you can check out that make here

Back to the skirt. Sometimes simple is best, and I think that is definitely the case for this fabric as its so bold. A simple shaped skirt helps to show the print in all its glory.

Gypsum skirt

The pattern that I chose is the Sew Liberated Gypsum skirt (view B) which has super deep pockets and a 2" wide elasticated waist.

This is such a quick and easy project to make, it took me less than 2 hours including cutting out.

Being an occasional IBS sufferer, I find an elasticated waist so comfortable to wear, and I think that because its quite deep at 2", its still flattering at the waistline and doesn't stick out at the belly like some do.

Gypsum skirt

The length is perfect too, but you could easily lengthen or shorten to taste.

There isn't much more to tell you about this make as its pretty basic, but I'd definitely recommend it.

I do have another Orla Kiely duvet set that I still have plenty left of, so I'll be whipping up another version in no time at all.

Oh one thing to mention, when working with bold print like this, what is important is to get the pattern positioned correctly, I was careful to ensure that the vertical lines were running through the centre.

So thats it, my Orla Kiely Gypsum skirt, I hope that you love it as much as I do.

Gypsum skirt