My Wear Lemonade Dita Dress

I love the look of a wrap dress on other people, how it hugs the body in just the right places to show off a beautiful shape. My own figure is quite boyish so I’ve never really been drawn to making one for myself as I don’t think that it is a style that compliments by body shape so well.

However, when I saw the Wear Lemonade Dita dress (I did have a link to the paper pattern but it seems to have been taken down at the moment) I fell in love with it. The batwing sleeves, the floaty skirt and the most clever thing of all is that you can wear the wrap at the front or the back, so it was risk free to make as even if the wrap shape does not suit me at the front, I could just wear it at the back.

Wear Lemonade Dita Dress

I thought that this dress needed a fabric with drape so that the batwing sleeves don’t sit too stiff, so I decided to use some floral Liberty of London tana lawn that I’d had in my stash since Christmas 2016. The print is really pretty, it has a stormy background with beautiful "painted" roses.

The pattern asks for 3.3m of 140cm wide fabric, and I had 3m. Normally I find that the pattern over estimates what you need (I think that they normally allow for shrinkage) but I was a little short for this dress.

For once I was super pleased that I am short (at 5ft 3") as I shortened the skirt length by a few inches and then had just about enough fabric, however, I'm so pleased that I lay out all of the pattern pieces before cutting any pieces out as I would have been a little stuck otherwise.

It is a little shorter than I would like, but I'll wear it when I'm feeling a bit "cheeky", or just wear it with tights.

Wear Lemonade Dita Dress

The pattern came together really easily and the instructions are also in English on the PDF pattern. I have mentioned many of time before, but just incase you have not seen any of my previous Wear Lemonade posts, I am a member of the PDF pattern club, (the pattern is available as PDF if you are a member of the pattern club) its costs approx £5 per month but then you can download all of the patterns, and there are loads! Most of them (but not all) have English instructions too.

As I mentioned before, my favourite element of the Wear Lemonade Dita dress is that it is reversible, so you can wear the wrap at the front or back, this is what it looks like with it at the back.

Wear Lemonade Dita

Wear Lemonade Dita back view

Wear Lemonade Dita back view

Personally, I think that the dress looks better on me with the wrap to the back, I have a very small bust size (32A) and I feel that the wrap at the front makes this more obvious than it is normally.

I love the sleeves, they drape so well with the Liberty fabric, but be mindful that a fabric with less drape may be too stiff for this shape.

Wear Lemonade Dita sleeve detail

I will definitely be making more versions of this lovely dress, but next time I will ensure that I have the full 3.3m so that I don't have to make the skirt quite so mini.

I have since uploaded a video to show you the dress in person :) I have also included a screen recording to show you what the PDF pattern looks like and also a tour around the PDF club members area so that you can see what is included.

Have you ever made the Dita or any other wrap dress?