My Wiksten Kimono in collaboration with TELIO Fashion Fabrics

It was super hot and sunny when TELIO Fashion Fabrics contacted me with an invitation to collaborate with them, in fact I was on holiday in beautiful Greece and the temperature was 38 degrees, but autumn makes were on my mind.

Wiksten Kimono

I like to get a lot of wear out of my "me mades" as so much love and time goes into each and every make, and I thought that if I made more summer clothes I simply wouldn't get enough wear out of them.

Wiksten kimono

So picture this, sitting at a beach side bar, cocktail in hand, sweltering hot, but searching through beautiful woollen and cosy fabrics.

At this point I didn't have a sewing pattern in mind, but I knew that I wanted something oversized and something that could be worn as outer wear, but equally could be worn as a cosy cardi style garment indoors, something that could be dressed up or down.

Wiksten kimono

I searched through the beautiful fabrics that TELIO Fabrics emailed to me, then I spotted the beautiful pink tweed and instantly fell in love with it.

It has all sorts of amazing threads weaved into its construction including metallic threads, wool and sparkly sequins, its just amazing.

Wiksten kimono

I waited for the fabric to arrive before finalising my pattern of choice, but secretly I was hoping that it would be the perfect companion for the Wiksten kimono as that was my fave, and when the happy post arrived, I instantly knew that it would be just perfect.

Wiksten kimono

The fabric was surprisingly easy to work with, it cut well, sewed easily and even pressed with no issues, but below are a few things that I did to make life easier

  • Cut with the fabric laid out flat rather than on the fold as it is quite bulky so would have easily distorted if working on the fold.
  • Once I'd cut out each pattern piece I overlocked around the edge as when it frays, it frays in style!
  • I used pins to mark the right side of the fabric as it was difficult to tell what was right and what was wrong side

I had no issues at all other than I decided to sew a couple of seams with a hangover (I know, I know, the ultimate sin) and I sewed one side wrong side to wrong side (oops) and it was sooo difficult to unpick, it took ages to find the stitches as they had sunken into the threads, but I took it slow and managed to unpick it without damaging it.

Wiksten kimono

Now let me tell you a bit about the pattern, first of all I LOVE it.

The Wiksten kimono is made to be reversible, however I wouldn't wear this version reversible as the fabric would not be comfortable on the inside, however I did fully line it with Liberty of London tana lawn, the grey feather print compliments the pink so well and I love the peek of the lining when I fold the sleeve back. 

It's such an enjoyable sew, kimonos are great aren't they, it's just straight lines, this means that you can take your time and focus on the details.

I love the dramatic dropped shoulder design, it makes the jacket just drape perfectly over the shoulders.

I also love the huge pockets, they really are massive!

The instructions were great and very easy to follow and the pattern came together very well and pretty quickly in about 3-4 hours.

A huge thank you to TELIO Fashion Fabrics for gifting this fabric to me (in return for this honest review), TELIO are actually wholesale fabric suppliers but get so involved with the sewing community, I've seen several collaborations with home sewers, and giveaways over the past few months which is quite unusual for a wholesale supplier so be sure to check out their Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news.

It's my dream to have a fabric shop one day (like so many others) so its great to get to know a little bit about wholesale.

If you were looking to purchase some of this lovely tweed fabric as a home sewer (retail), it is currently available at and you can find it here you won't be disappointed.

So, I'll leave you with a few extra pictures (I went a bit trigger happy on this one) and I've also recorded a vlog that you can watch below if you'd like to see the jacket "in person".

Wiksten kimono

As mentioned above, this make was in collaboration with TELIO Fashion, which means that I received the fabric for free in return for writing an honest blog post, I did not receive any payment for my post.

You can find the vlog below

Happy sewing and I'll be back very soon xx