Named Clothing Yona Coat Version 2

I loved making my first Named Clothing Yona coat so much that I jumped straight into version number 2!

To be honest, version 1 was a trial run which worked out pretty well, so I was always going to make another version out of this beautiful pink wool fabric that I got from the remnant basket at Abakhan Fabrics, this was definitely a lucky find as its such beautiful fabric.

Named Clothing Yona Coat

I won't go into lots of detail about the pattern itself, as I did that only last week on version 1, but what I will say is that this second version was so much easier to sew as I knew what I was doing, in-fact I put it together in no time at all, with no issues, yay to that!

The fabric was super thick as it is double faced and it also had a little wadding type material sandwiched inside too, so I decided to make the back collar and collar stand out of Liberty of London Tana Lawn to reduce the bulk a little, which worked out pretty well.

Named Clothing Yona Coat

I also had to reduce the bulk in all of the seams by cutting out little triangles (clipping) out of the seam allowance, otherwise it was too stiff around the seams.

I initially was going to line this coat with satin style polyester, but the wool felt so luxurious and I wanted the whole coat to be really special.

I had noticed that Abakhan are selling lots of Liberty Tana for £10 per meter, so I decided to line it with this, its soooo gorgeous.

I was a little sad that I couldn't get the same Tana that I had used at the back of the collar, but I managed to get similar colouring and also added an inner pocket in the same fabric as the back collar, so it felt less mis-matchy, I love how bold the lining is.

Yona Coat Lining

To finish it off I hand sewed one of my self embroidered labels and the colour matches perfectly, so I'm very happy about that.

I also video'd how to make a lined patch pocket, and how I easily place pockets ready to sew, be sure to check the video out below! My pocket placement method does feel a little bit like a cheat, and I'm certain its not the proper way to do it, but hey, whats wrong with cutting corners sometimes to make life a little easier!

Named Clothing Yona Coat

I am also going to add a leather duffle toggle so that I can fasten the coat, but I haven't decided which colour to go for yet, which do you think?

So, I now have 2 new coats, I love them both but this pink version is just a little bit special.

Oh, I'm also looking to build up my Pinterest account by adding links to your lovely blogs too, if you have a blog please leave a comment below with a link so that I can have a read of your lovely posts and pin it to my "Sewing Blogs that I love" board.

Happy Sewing xx