The Colette Aster blouse

Oh how I love a denim blouse!

I've been working on the Colette Aster blouse for some time now, it includes a few "firsts" for me, so I wanted to take my time, making it up bit by bit.

Colette Aster outfit

Colette Aster

I subscribe to Seamwork Magazine which now includes Colette patterns (amazing!!) and I thought that this blouse looked really, really lovely, I am trying to push the boundaries this year so I went straight in for the most difficult option with pleats, long sleeves and cuffs.

Colette Aster Blouse

I spent a total of approximately 10 hours making this top (spread over several weeks) but I love it!

The pattern instructions were good except in a couple of areas where I had to really think about what I was doing, I think the main issue was because some areas were "firsts" for me, I couldn't always picture the step, and as the pattern instructions have no photos of the top being constructed (just drawing type images) I couldn't always work out what it was telling me to do, but then the pattern is marked up as intermediate!

I struggled the most with the sleeve placket and cuffs, I ended up studying one of my husbands shirts to see how it was constructed which helped a lot. I have added a seperate blog post for how to sew a cuff.

What do I love about this pattern?

  • It doesn't use loads of fabric, I used 1.2m but didn't have enough to do the inner yoke so did this in contrast fabric which turned out pretty cute.

Colette Aster inner yoke

  • I love the shape of the blouse.
  • I love the pleats at the front, it really adds detail.

Colette Aster pleats

  • I love the pleat at the back.

Colette Aster back pleat

  • I really love the sleeves, the shape is beautiful.

Colette Aster sleeve

  • It is really comfortable to wear, a smart but loose fit.
  • I love the different options with simpler and more difficult versions available.

What I don't like about this pattern

  • The instructions are difficult in a couple of areas due to the lack of detailed images.
  • There was one step that I must have misunderstood about clipping the seam and I ended up with a small slit in the fabric on the outside, hence the cover up with the ribbon (although I love the ribbon so it's all good).

I used plastic snap fastens rather than buttons which made that step much quicker and easier, I use prym snaps which are amazing and available in loads of colours! I also added a blog post on how to insert these little snaps, view it here.

So all in all I really like the Colette Aster blouse and will definitely make more, hopefully it won't take as long next time now that I have sussed out the sleeves!

I'd love to know what you think! Feel free to ask any questions about the pattern below in the Disqus section.

Colette Aster Blouse

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