The Colette Laurel Dress

The Colette Laurel Dress is a lovely shift dress with lots of different options, I really wanted a 1960's style dress with a modern twist, so this was the perfect choice.

The Colette Laurel Dress

Colette Laurel

I love, love, love Liberty of London Tana Lawn, why? Well, the quality is just amazing, it is strong yet delicate, the fabric designs are works of art, and it lasts forever! I am slowly replacing my whole wardrobe with Liberty, that's what I love about making my own clothes (as I'd never be able to afford a wardrobe of Liberty made clothes), although I think that I'm a little bit addicted.

My favourite print is the Wiltshire Berry but this print never seems to go on sale, so I had to pay the full price at £22.50 per meter, meaning the Colette Laurel is again the perfect choice as it only requires approximately 1.5m of fabric (there was even enough left over to make knickers and a covered coat hanger).

Liberty Knickers

The instructions are super clear, the only thing that I dislike sometimes with Colette is that the diagrams are line drawings rather than photos, so sometimes it can be tricky to see exactly what the diagram is showing you.

I subscribe to Seamwork magazine, and you can now use your monthly credits to download Colette patterns so it's even better!

I didn't need to make any adjustments at all to the size of the pattern, it was a straight up perfect fit, yayyy to that! I like that this dress has back darts (eswell as bust darts) as many shift dresses don't and they can look a bit boxy on a build like mine (zero shape).

Colette Laurel pockets

I chose to leave the dress unlined, It's intended to be a holiday dress so I wanted it to be lightweight and cool, I was taking a bit of a risk as Liberty can sometimes be a little sheer, but it worked out fine with this print as its quite busy.

There are loads of different options available via the extras pack that is available from Colette, My version has patch pockets and gathered cuffs, I love how it turned out, especially the cuffs, it really adds a 1960's vibe, although I did run out of fabric so I had to use totally mis-matched fabric on the inside of the cuff (oh well no one else can see it).


Laurel gathered cuff

I finished the neck edge by using bias binding, but I didn't want it visible on the outside so double turned it to the inside.

Bias bound neck

This dress is super comfy and feels so special to wear, I'm sure it will get lots and lots of wear throughout the summer, and I just love those cuffs.

Colette Laurel cuffs

Colette Laurel

What is your favourite dress era? I love 1950's too but 1960's style seems to suit my shape better.

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog post, feel free to take a look around Ditsy Tulip, and happy sewing!