The Wear Lemonade Falbala Top

I have found my new pattern love! "Wear Lemonade" is exactly why I love to make my own clothes, it's fun, modern, unique and vibrant but with a retro twist.

Wear Lemonade Falbala PDF

Wear Lemonade Falbala Seaside print

Wear Lemonade had appeared in my Instagram feed quite often and they always grabbed my attention, but when I visited their website it was in French (and I can't speak French) so I couldn't work out what was available to purchase, and I let it slip my mind.

But they recently re-appeared in my Instagram stories feed, and I just had to work out how to buy their patterns as they looked so damn good!

I found the "contact us" section on the website (as this is quite similar to English) and sent a message through asking about their PDF patterns as it looked like there was some kind of monthly scheme available, I got a reply (in English) within 12 hours, explaining what I need to do to join the "Netflix of PDF patterns".

And that's it, I'm in! A member of the Wear Lemonade pattern club!

Super, super excited! I pay 7.5 euros a month and have access to all the PDF patterns released so far, there are currently more than 20 amazing patterns!

So, I started with the Falbala Top, it's not my normal style as it has flounce sleeves, I've never sewn a flounce before but oh "how I now love a flounce or two".

My Wear Lemonade Falbala top

Flounce sleeves

Naturally I used Liberty of London tana lawn, this is the "Isle of Wight" design, just look at all the amazing detail in the print. It was from the reduced Liberty range at Abakhan fabrics at £12.50 per meter, I love a bargain!

I do like a good old a British seaside holiday, deck chairs, knickerbocker glories and of course a chippy tea, so I found the fabric quite charming, and it has my favourite pink and mint shades, it's so lovely.

My Falbala Wear Lemonade

Although the Wear Lemonade patterns are written in French, most of the PDF's have English instructions too (but not all of them), they also have Youtube videos to accompany the patterns, they are spoken in French but still help as you can see the items being made. (I tried to use Youtube French to English subtitles but it came out with a load of nonsense, but it was quite funny :)

The top came together pretty quickly, there are bust darts and sleeves to set, this was not only my first flounce, it was also my first rolled hem using the overlocker, why have I never done this before! It's so easy to do, although I do need to practice with the tensions and decorative threads.

The side seams are French seams (of course) which I love, it's such a professional finish and is actually really easy to do (it really is as easy as sewing a narrow hem first with the fabric wrong side to wrong side, then turn it right side to right side and sew the hem again, enclosing the raw edge). The back has a slight V effect, but its not too deep.

Falbala back view

To be honest, I found it quite refreshing trying out a couple of new techniques, it keeps things interesting.

I love being able to make my own clothes so much, it gives you total freedom to make what you want, for me the fabric choice makes all the difference, it makes your wardrobe unique and well, quite simply charming. 

Wear Lemonade Falbala Flounce sleeve

Wear Lemonade Falbala

I can't wait to make more of these lovely tops, although a Wear Lemonade dress is next up on the cutting table (watch this space)...

What sewing techniques are you yet to try? What do you avoid like the plague and why?

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Wear Lemonade Falbala Pattern Review